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SharePoint Developer’s Conference 2013 by SharePoint Experts – Bangladesh

Finally, The most premier event “SharePoint Developer’s Conference 2013” successfully arranged on 22nd June, 2013 hosted by SharePoint Experts and sponsored by Microsoft Bangladesh. I feel proud to be part of organizing it as hosted by SharePoint Experts – Bangladesh user-group. Thanks the audience to participate in the event and i hope you enjoyed the session.


SharePoint Developer’s Conference 2013

Event Details:

SharePoint Developer’s Conference 2013
Date & Time : Saturday, June 22 at 10:00am
Location: Emmanuelle’s Convention Center, 5th floor, Shimanto Square Market (formerly known as Rifle’s Square) Dhanmondi
Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/248339528640625/


We started our program on 10:45am with Tanzim’s opening speech. Tanzim Saqib is Microsoft’s Developer & Platform Evangelism in Bangladesh. Prior to joining Microsoft, he was awarded MVP (ASP.NET) twice. He explained how we started our community and our activity & objective to arrange the event and future plan.

He helps the community to arrange the event. So, Special thanks to him from the bottom of my heart. Also Thanks to Microsoft to sponsor the Event.

As a first speaker, I started my first presentation on Introduction & What’s New in SharePoint 2013. I am MJ Ferdous, Community Leader and Founder of SharePoint Experts-Bangladesh. Currently i am working as SharePoint Architect at Brain Station-23. I also provide Training at BASIS for SharePoint Training Courses. Initially, I was tried to explain what is SharePoint? when you should use,  types of SharePoint Edition and basic feature of SharePoint. Later i move to describe each feature details with some examples. I have written details about my session in my blog post. Find my post at Here: http://wblo.gs/dr4

After that, Tanzim’s started his session on SharePoint-based Modern Apps development.

Robiul started his session as 3rd Speaker before lunch on Building Apps for SharePoint 2013. Currently he is working at SoftwarePeople as a Senior Software Engineer. He tried explain new SharePoint 2013 App Model and Architecture Overview. He also presented how to develop Apps and App User Experience.

After Lunch, Rakib Hasan Joy presented BI definition and it’s implication in real life business in his session on Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2013. Currently Working as a Application Architect developing global hosting platform for IMS Health. He also presented new and enhanced BI capabilities delivered in SP 2013.

Our another community speaker Sohel Rana started his session on SharePoint Best Practices. Currently he’s working in a consulting company located Perth,Australia on SharePoint 2013 project. He described about SharePoint Development & Deployment Tools and Techniques which was really interesting for the audiences.

As a last speaker, I started about Workflow in SharePoint 2013 at SharePoint Developer’s Conference 2013 as my 2nd Session. I presented A Real Example of Workflow and How to work with SharePoint workflow throughout my session.

MJ Ferdous

Community Leader, SharePoint Experts-Bangladesh | Architect, Brain Station-23

SharePoint Experts–Bangladesh: An open discussion on first usergroup meet-up day (16 Feb 2013) at Microsoft

Finally, We have started from Today our usergroup meet-ups monthly to share our experience of SharePoint and SharePoint related technologies to improve our knowledge.

The event details was published at the SharePoint Experts usergroup meet-up February 2013 where 100+ people registered for the session but we had to accept limited numbers of applicant due to seat limitation. Please try for the next month event those who didn’t get the chance this time. Not to worry. It will be continue… & I am really happy :) today to see all of you (audience) in my session.

Anyway, Tanzim introduced the speakers with introductory speech and Raihan started with “SharePoint prospects in Bangladesh” later on. Raihan discussed about his company & work and why customer needs SharePoint in Telecom or Banking sector. He also tried to explain necessity of SharePoint with some examples. End of his Session he started Q&A period where we got some excellent question form the audience which was the real value of arranging this Event. The Most interesting question was

“SharePoint Deployment Issue: How to deploy development environment to Production environment phase by phase?”

The last lesson started by me on “SharePoint Workflow Problem and its Resolution” but i started with some fundamental SharePoint information as majority was unknown with SharePoint Platform. I also described about our usergroup meeting and how it has been developed. Later i talked about Workflow problems i encountered during my development and how i solved them. I will include some event pictures later.

Hope all of you Enjoyed this event!

Unit testing made easy Part 1 : Repository Testing


We are all familiar with a very common scenario while coding in a business application. In fact, this is the most frequent scenario where we want to save an object to the database. But how would we know that our code is functioning properly? Well there are many ways we could know. Some are good ways to follow and some are ‘evil’ ways. Let’s discuss using a scenario.

Example Scenario

Suppose we want to save a Student object where the class will have Name, Phone, Email and Id. To save this object we should create a repository class named StudentRepository. In this class we will write our data saving codes.

Now there are some points I want to mention. It is good practice to create an interface for each of the repository class. It is a subset of Repository Pattern.

In our case, we should create IStudentRepository where we will define only Save method and make the StudentRepository class to implement this interface.

So, in summary we have three projects. Those are DataAccess, DataAccess.Contract and Domain up to this state. Below are the class definitions and project architecture.

Introducing News Framework for Windows Phone 7

News Framework is an offline news reading framework on which any RSS based news website can have its own Windows Phone 7 application in just minutes. The configuration, content and styles can be managed from outside of the framework itself to fit the needs.

Features currently supported:
  • Offline news reading experience
  • Text size adjustment
  • Save for later
  • Share with friends via SMS/Email
  • News by category
  • Rotation support
  • Search within the news
  • Theme support
  • Open Source: to be released very soon. Only a demo app is currently available.
  • Full functioning demo included: An unofficial Mashable fan app.